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The religion of Wicca

History, practices, evolution and beliefs

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Name:The religion of Wicca
Location:United States of America
Website:Wicca For the Rest of Us
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:The religion of Wicca - beliefs, practices, history, evolution and related topics.
This community is for the discussion of the religion of Wicca, its practices, history, traditions, evolution and related topics. Wicca here is defined as including BTW and non-BTW; all will be treated respectfully. Its origin is 20th-century, though structural/spiritual influences are undeniably older. We will be coming from these perspectives. Traditionals and eclectics are welcome.

The goal is to have an active, intellectual and fun community. It’s a teaching forum in that we will all be sharing our input on various topics; there is no “teacher, lurker” structure intended. Respect will not equate to unconditional tolerance of all points of view; we’re here to keep what is solid and viable, pick apart what is not. Respect is not given freely, it is earned.

This is a moderated community. If you take issue with this, please note the statement "this is not a democracy" listed below. Joining the community means that you have read, understand and accept the guidelines listed below the intro questionnaire.

When you join, please post a brief intro and tell us a little about yourself. If you so desire, here is a basic questionnaire you can use. Please create a separate post for your intro, so we can respond to each person individually. Don't put it into another's intro, because not everyone will see it.

1. What religion or spiritual tradition do you follow?
2. Geographic location (not "earth/the universe"):
3. Coven or solitary? Clergy?
4. Public or in the broom closet?
5. Are you active in your local pagan community? In what capacity?
6. Personal web site (if you've got one):
7. Anything else you'd like us to know about you:


All material posted here is subject to critique. Opinions are not exempt. Historical inaccuracies or that which does not make common sense will be challenged. Be prepared to back up your statements. Evidence on historical points must be verifiable. If it is oathbound material for you, don’t use it as a "proof" source.

Discussion in this community is uncensored as long as the thread remains on-topic. You are expected to conduct yourself in a responsible, honorable manner. This does NOT mean I expect you to walk on eggshells; strong commentary is encouraged. Just don't be a jerk about it.

This turf is witch-war neutral. Dissing (obvious or subtle) of other Wiccan/pagan communities and/or members is not acceptable here.

The spell-checker is your friend. If u lik 2 type lik this, I guaranT you will not B taken seriously. We are also not politically correct. Don't expect to find "womyn, wimmen, herstory" or other re-spellings. Thanks!

This is not a democracy. The moderator will keep or delete entries based on her personal judgement. If there is an issue with any action, contact me privately. I HAVE changed my mind before. Public follow-up posts bitching about your post's deletion will get you banned.

Rules and objectives are subject to change based on the needs and growth of the community.

ALLOWED: Including, but not limited to:

All entries must be Wicca-related, either about the religion or practices (Tradition or personal) therein. You may post relevant news articles, essays, etc. Discussion of holy days, rituals, parenting, personal experiences etc are all welcome.

Discussion of spellwork as a craft, and member-created polls/surveys related to the community theme. If you have a Wiccan web site, you may submit it for critique by membership.

One-time promotions of member-created Dreamwidth communities and theme-related web sites are allowed, as I am a firm believer in networking. No commercial sites, please.


This is not a general pagan discussion area. No off-topic personal issues.

Spell requests, chain letters, quizzes, politics and other non-topical posts will be deleted. No exceptions. If you're not sure, E-mail me before posting.

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