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1. What religion or spiritual tradition do you follow?
A small structured tradition based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. (We generally don't use the actual trad name widely, so it doesn't do much good to share it.) We're initiatory, 3 degrees, etc. but whether we're Wiccan or not depends on how you define Wicca.

We work with both male and female deities, we cast circle, etc. but we've gone some different places with polarity roles, and some other specifics. My coven website, however, has more useful info and detail than a name would provide.

You can also read a series of posts I wrote up when I settled in over here, and started gaining readers who weren't familiar with either Paganism or my personal practice. Part 3, about my personal practice is probably the most relevant, but people here might find the other two parts of interest too.

2. Geographic location (not "earth/the universe"):
Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul), Minnesota.

3. Coven or solitary? Clergy?
Coven. And I'm a 3rd degree, but haven't bothered seeking legal credentials. (The only thing I'd need them for, locally, is marrying someone, and it hasn't come up.)

4. Public or in the broom closet?
Moderately public: I don't use my legal name (which is unusual) in relation to any of my religious work, but a number of my co-workers, and as of this year, students at the school I work at know that I'm Wiccan. (I've spoken to our comparative religion classes and diversity group about it at different times.)

5. Are you active in your local pagan community? In what capacity?
I've been on the board of the Twin Cities Pagan Pride since 2006, which nicely satisfies the combination of my desire to share information and provide resources (it goes with commitments and vocation to the day job: I'm a librarian) with my desire not to be pushy about it to people who aren't interested.

I sometimes attend public rituals and events and other classes, but my schedule is packed enough it's often tricky. (To take care of myself, I'm careful to schedule one full day off pretty much every weekend, plus make sure I have 2-3 weeknights at home in a given week.) As my new job situation begins to settle down, I hope to get out in public slightly more often.

6. Personal web site (if you've got one):
Blog at which I talk about a lot of stuff, including public discussion of coven-leadership stuff (especially the practical "Here's why we're making these choices" about practical/logistical stuff that few people seem to break down in public.) is at . Coven site is already linked above.

7. Anything else you'd like us to know about you:
I recently got hired (mid April) for a long-term professional librarian position in the school where I've been working as a paraprofessional since 2000 after stepping into the role as an interim for this semester. Adapting to the new changes has been interesting, but exciting, and I'm looking forward to seeing what my life looks like when I'm not job hunting (something I've been doing pretty much consistently since early 2007, when I was finishing my MLIS degree)

One of the things I want to work on a lot more is the intersection of music and magic/ritual - it's a longterm interest that I desperately want/need more time to work with regularly. I'm also deeply interested in geeking about process (i.e. figuring out not only what works, but why, and how to make it work better) - not so much about ritual itself (though that's good too), but the other parts of working in group with others, or developing a personal practice for myself, or other aspects integrating my spiritual goals and my daily life.


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