1. What religion or spiritual tradition do you follow?
  2. eclectic path, primarily Celtic/Wiccan in nature, but including aspects of Greek, Norse, Native American, & shamanic paths

  3. Geographic location (not "earth/the universe"):
  4. Bremerton WA

  5. Coven or solitary? Clergy?
  6. Solitary primarily, working within my family/house dynamics when group work is needed/wanted. I have had a 1st degree conferred upon me by my soul-sister [as part of her 2nd degree work], but have forgotten the specific path she was working in. I admit that I vacillate between wanting to get higher degrees [my soul-sis says that I should have my 2nd degree by now, but she's no longer practicing and doesn't speak with the rest of that group, so I've not gotten the 2nd degree yet] and "staying put" as I have knee-jerk reactions to coven work [long story].

  7. Public or in the broom closet?
  8. I don't hide much of anything about who and what I am.

  9. Are you active in your local pagan community? In what capacity?
  10. I have never actually been active in any of my local pagan communities. I've tried a couple of times [in San Antonio, Portland, and Seattle], but met with a little too much of the clique thing to be really comfortable with it.

  11. Personal web site (if you've got one):
  12. Tir-Tairngire.net, but it's woefully out of date atm. I need to get that updated, particularly Dark Avalon, which is supposed to be specifically my personal spirituality site, but is currently offline.

  13. Anything else you'd like us to know about you:
  14. Hmm... I will answer to either AJ or [personal profile] ariestess... I'm pretty much open and will answer pretty much any question asked of me. As for anything else about me? My profile really does tell the whole story about what I normally want peopleto know about me....


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