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I've never really used a formal Book of Shadows in my practices thus far, but with the wealth of information out there that I'd like at my non-cyber fingertips, it seems like a good time to set one up. Now, we already have a BoS with Sabbat rituals, etc in the house (my husband's BoS), but one of my own would be nice. So, here's the categories I've thought up so far. Looking for suggestions on topics I might have missed.

In no particular order:

Lycian Wiccan Rites (Sabbats, memorial, handfasting etc)

Lycian Wheel of the Year (all items relating to our Wheel)

The Four Kingdoms (a separate aspect of our Tradition)

Degree Training (curriculums, personal notes, items from my own training)

Notes (a catch-all area of useful information for my personal practices)

The Journey (opinion pieces, etc about various aspects of being a Wiccan witch and pagan)

Magickal Craft (how to craft a spell, candlework etc. Practical techniques.)

Wiccan/Pagan Lore (interesting, informative things 'round the Net)

Inspirational (personal poetry, pictures etc)

I won't be including things like herbs, astrology etc because they aren't things I'm interested in at the moment. So, the above is off the top of my head at the moment. Thoughts?


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